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Wait! Get the 10-Day Healthy Eating Challenges Kit!

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The 10-Day Healthy Eating Challenges Kit includes the Healthy Smoothie Challenge, Mason Jar Salad Challenge, Overnight Oats Challenge, and a Healthy Eating Challenges. Create a healthy transformation by focusing on just one eating habit at a time

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30-Day Reset and Flourish Bundle$30

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"Hi Tammy! I'm Ariel; I just purchased your 30 Day Workbook and am loving it so far! I wanted to say thank you because this has already spoken to me so much more than other programs I've tried. My son is 13 months and I just have NOT been able to get back to my pre-pregnancy goal weight (about 40 lbs to lose). I have a lot of confidence from reading the first half of your ebook and can't wait to jump in. Thank you so much!"   Ariel

"The ebook bundle not only emphasizes the lessons from the blog, but focuses on being realistic and finding what works for you. It also stresses the power of making small changes and includes tips for blocking out time in your schedule for yourself. I love that each chapter ends with action steps to put the tips into action. One of my favorite quotes is by Ben Franklin; “If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail.” Tammy uses this bundle to set the reader up for success by teaching them how to plan ahead so they can stick to their goals- even when life gets chaotic." Rachel

"If you’re hesitating to purchase this 30-day workbook bundle, I’m telling you to just do yourself a favor and get it! I’ve purchased many eBooks and programs to help me lose weight and nothing ever worked. But the way Tammy lays out and explains the information really spoke to me. Finally, everything clicked! She is a real person who totally gets the struggle and figures out real solutions that work. For the first time, the scale is starting to go down and I feel like I can do this! I can cry just writing that. Thank you, Tammy, for your beautiful eBook bundle." Dana

"The 30-day eBook Bundle gives you baby steps to follow to make the small changes that become habits. One day you’ll see yourself planning your week (meals, exercise, activities, etc) and it won’t feel like work, but rather it’ll bring you peace of mind knowing you’re making the week ahead easier to handle. Thank you Tammy for the support and tips when life starts to she often says, just go back to the basics, which in turn will help you get organized. This ebook is well written, easy to follow, and easy to implement in the busiest of schedules. I would give it 5 stars." Sandra