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Keep your healthy habits going with the 30-Day Reset & Flourish Bundle. You'll get the Organize Yourself Skinny eBook and 30-Day Workbook that includes 4 weeks of additional healthy habit challenges, make-ahead meal plans, and exercise routines!

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10-Day Healthy Eating Challenges Bundle RS$30

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"The mason jar salad challenge was amazing! I work from home, but I made 10 at a time for my partner and I to share during the week. He took one to work with him every single day and absolutely loved it! We even had one each for dinner last night. This has been my favorite challenge so far. Thanks for bringing it to us!" Amy

"Dear Tammy! Thank you so much for the smoothie challenge! I truly enjoyed it - I have an issue with my stomach & the smoothies didn't bother me! During this smoothie challenge I visited my stomach doctor & mentioned it to her & she was glad to hear this news - Gives me hope with all my breakfast decisions in the future!! I just LOVE YOUR OYS site & I have lost 5 pounds since beginning of June. 10 more to go, slow is good tho..." Laura

"Thank you so much Tammy. I am really enjoying each smoothie. I feel great and start my day off more alert. I want to say thank you for helping me and so many others" Mary

"I've followed you for years & watched your posts on the mason jar salads, but never took the time to try them. Made 5 last Sunday and had them each day. Just made 6 more for the week ahead. I am hooked!! While it takes a bit to prep them, they are ready & waiting when you want lunch, so easy!" Heidi